Get the needed tools to start your production in small batches and scale it up in no time. With our end-to-end process, you will be able to massively reduce your time-to-market, while limiting the financial risk you take.

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Deep expertise in additive manufacturing

9T Labs’ application engineering team leverages deep expertise in additive manufacturing, composites manufacturing, and product development across multiple different industries. Our talented and experienced team is equipped with 9T Labs’ powerful fibrify® design and optimization software. We are exclusively focused on helping the product teams of our customers create next-generation products – at a fraction of the cost.

The best value for your company

Our engineering team will work closely with you to explore and identify those applications that bring the highest value to your company. For example, we can work with your design team hand in hand to get the optimal lightweight design for your parts. We can simulate and optimize your digital prototype and onboard your team to our easy-to-use platform. With the help of our engineers, your team will be able to design and order molds and finally manufacture strong, lightweight, sustainable products like never before.

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