Our AFT hardware is easy to use and operate. The high-performance Build & Fusion modules guarantee an absolutely superior part quality perfectly suited for serial production.

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Our AFT hardware guarantees superior part quality for serial production

Build Module

9T Labs build module for 3d printed carbon composites

Easy to use & operate

Your Build Module is easy to operate with 9T Labs' software. Process control and sensor feedback is continuously provided and monitored. A heated material deposition ensures continuous and consistent operation. Easy access to all components enable a quick setup.

Superior print quality

Feedback-controlled motors ensure highest positioning accuracy and continuous process control. A carefully engineered temperature management system provides reliability and reproducibility of the material deposition process. Filament sensors are integrated to ensure continuous deposition and material change.

Heated Chambers

Temperature controlled chambers for material storage and deposition provide high z-direction bonding strength between the layers and ensure low moisture uptake.

Carbon fiber layup technology

The Omnidirectional Filament Placement technology combines the layup accuracy and quality of automated fiber placement technology used in aerospace with the resolution of additive manufacturing. The infinite rotation of the deposition system allows to place continuous fiber strands along desired trajectories. The intentional rotation of the foot ensures better fiber control and increased print quality in corner regions by deliberate friction.

Industry standard material

The system enables the use of industry standard thermoplastic fiber tapes with proven track record and known material characteristics.


Fusion Module for enhanced functional integration

Inside the Fusion Module you can produce parts with superior surface finish, get maximum adhesion between layers and increase the design latitude by enhanced fiber orientation and functional integration.

9T Labs fusion module for additive fusion technology

Easy to use & operate

Your Fusion Module is very easy to operate with 9T Labs' software. Process control and sensor feedback is continuously provided and monitored. An integrated utility board provides easy access to connect heating and cooling devices as well as sensors.

Part quality that outreach aerospace requirements

Molding of the printed parts coming from the Build Module maximizes the bonding between layers, reduces the residual voids inside the printed structures as well as the residual stresses and provides a class A surface finish. The electric actuation and integrated cooling system of the Fusion Module allows for direct control and monitoring of the molding process.

New fiber design latitude

By introducing molding, the Additive Fusion Technology allows welding of individual sub-components and reshaping of parts to create the final part architecture. This new design latitude lets you create complex 3D fiber architectures not believed possible before, unlocking the full potential of continuous fiber composites.

Functional integration

In addition to the increased fiber design latitude by introducing molding, the Additive Fusion process allows to integrate sensors, load introduction points, metal inserts and other multi-material features.


Technical specifications of the 9T Labs Fusion Module
Hardware Requirements
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