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Fibrify® Software allows you to execute the entire additive manufacturing process, from optimal parts design to high-volume production.


Tailored for industrial engineers:
Optimize parts, scale production

Fibrify® seamlessly integrates CAD import, fiber layup creation, FEA material orientation pre-processing, and production system control for efficient manufacturing execution.

Design Suite

Use your geometries and sketches for versatile fiber designs, reinforcing your most complex features. Combine 2D plies into 3D composite parts for optimal designs, employing parametrized layer distribution through thickness.


Pre-process your geometry and part orientation and integrate them with your FEA/FEM simulation tool. Automate part design optimization through FEM validation, speeding up development and increasing design confidence.


Once you have achieved the optimal design you can manage your parts prototyping and full scale manufacturing. Fibrify® Production integrated cloud software acts as your manufacturing execution system.

Strengthen parts with
optimal fiber paths

Experience the freedom to place fibers as needed. Fibrify® Design Suite facilitates creating parts using continuous fibers and thermoplastic materials.

Automate Part
Design Optimization

Optimize and validate through FEA/FEM simulations the optimal part design and greatly speed up your product development time.

Control Production
from your Desk

You can start with prototypes and move on to manage full-scale production using fibrify® Production. At the comfort of your desk you can monitor and oversee production until completion.

Fibrify® Design Suite

Fibrify® Design Suite is an in-house developed software solution providing advanced fiber design, fully leveraging the performance of the continuous fibers, resulting in ultra-lightweight parts. The design software prepares your complex composite part for FEA validation to aid in optimizing and validating the design.

Import a CAD file

Create the printed solid

Create the fiber layup

Validate with FEA

Adapt design if needed

Generate machine execution code


Features to support your design needs

Design Freedom

• Standard CAD tools
For part modeling, leverage built in CAD tools to achieve the final geometry for your composite part.

• Tailored Reinforcements
For your part reinforcements use individual tape paths along geometrical features. Tailor the paths using custom sketches, part faces, and solids.


• From Path to Ply
Automatically bundle the individual reinforcements created for each section of your part.

• From Ply to Vertical Distribution
With the plies now generated you're ready now to distribute them along your part to finally start assessing the part performance.


• Design iterations
Once you've assessed the part performance, seamlessly reiterate on your part design and reinforcements to achieve your desired requirements.

• Unlock complex geometries
For complex out-of-plane parts reshape your vertical distribution into the volume to achieve 3D reinforcements.

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Fibrify® Production

Fibrify® Production is a cloud-based manufacturing solution developed by 9T Labs. Fibrify® production lets you remotely manage and monitor your composite production, no matter where you are. It guarantees a seamless workflow, complete traceability, and thorough data collection for your processes.

Send build plan from fibrify® Design Suite to Build Modules

Execute prototyping batch

Gather data to optimize for series production ramp-up

Ramp up production

Optimize product lifecycle

FIBRIFY Production

Features to support your manufacturing needs


• Fibrify® Design Suite Integration
Seamlessly integrate with fibrify® Design Suite, allowing you to send design files directly to your machines through cloud storage or over a local network, streamlining the transition from design to production.

• Composite Production Integration
Fibrify® Production isn't limited to a single machine. Connect multiple Build and Fusion modules to distribute tasks and manage workflows efficiently.


• Control the Production Process
Monitor your composite manufacturing processes from anywhere with fibrify® Production. Use any compatible device as a monitoring tool.

• Production Queue & History
Each machine connected to fibrify® Production has its unique production queue and history. Easily track past projects and queue new ones, letting fibrify® Production streamline your operations.


• Statistics & Diagnostics
Track the efficiency and material usage of your machines. Fibrify® Production provides real-time data and comprehensive logs for each production job, helping you optimize your processes.

• Secure and Private
9T Labs prioritizes your data security. All file transfers and communications within fibrify® Production are encrypted (SSL) and authenticated to protect your proprietary designs and information.

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fibrify® Design Suite & Production

Frequently asked questions

FAQs about fibrify®

Regarding the commercial FEA aspect in fibrify® Design Suite, is the FEA software developed and provided by fibrify®?

At 9T Labs, we do not develop and offer an FEA software. We offer our fibrify® Design Suite (fibrify DS) software for fiber placement. fibrify® includes a direct integration with the most common commercial FEA tools like ANSYS ACP, an FEA preprocessor for composites simulation, or Abaqus. At the moment, fibrify® DS guarantees full integration with ANSYS FEA software, interfaces for more commercially available FEA tools like Nastran could be developed, but are not yet available.

What data formats are compatible with importing CAD files into fibrify® Design Suite?

Fibrify® Design Suite (fibrify DS) is compatible with parametric file formats like STEP and IGES. It also works with CATIA V4/V5, CREO, Parasolid, and SolidWorks. When modeling, fibrify® DS saves files as SpaceClaim scdoc files.

Which FEA simulation tools are compatible with fibrify® Design Suite?

For FEA simulation tools, fibrify® uses HDF5cc as a native simulation interface. Ansys Mechanical and ACP are utilized for anisotropic structural simulation.

What data format is exported from fibrify® Design Suite for simulation?

Fibrify® Design Suite supports the creation of oriented fibers using various tools. These tools generate fibers from model contours and infills, offer dedicated support for hole fibers, and allow grouping fibers into plies applicable to model layers. There are additional features for fine-tuning fiber deposition.

Could you provide further details about the flexibility of fiber orientation within fibrify® software?

To generate toolpaths for the Build Module, fibrify® Design Suite enables exporting toolpaths as GCode containing polymer and fiber deposition paths. Additionally, it seamlessly interfaces with fibrify® Production, allowing for uploading build jobs directly to a target machine or specific projects.

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