continuous fiber composites
For high volume Production
Through additive Manufacturing

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We change
the game With our
Additive fusion technology
for continuous fiber composite


Why are composites interesting materials?

Carbon composite is the best material in the world for strong and lightweight applications - easily outperforming metal. Up to 70% stronger than metal. Up to 80% more lightweight than metal

Costs & Sustainability

Why have composites?

Whatever your functional requirements are — flame resistance, chemical resistance, energy absorbance, radiolucency, high stiffness- and strength-to-weight ratio — you can manufacture functional parts with 9T Labs technology.


How to use composites?

Composite parts built from layers of thermoplastics and reinforcing fibers offer a strong, lightweight solution for aerospace parts, surgical guides, consumer products and more. But when composite material are manufactured conventionally, high cost hinder their widespread use.

Cost Reduction

on average for our clients when they started to use AFT continuous fiber composite parts.

Weight Reduction

on average for our clients when they started to use our AFT manufactured continuous fiber composite parts.

our Production ready solutions

We need digital, automated, cost-competitive series production methods for continuous fiber components.

Red Series
Industrial 3D Printing Solution

Use an open and versatile 3D printing solution for high-temperature, structural continuous carbon fiber composites. Produce tailored reinforcements and preforms that can be post-processed.

Build Module
  • Software
  • Material
  • Training
Industrial 3D Printing
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Red Series
Additive Fusion Solution

High-performance composites are ideal for serial production. Easily produce end-use structural parts in high volumes, at a fraction of the cost.

Build Module
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Fusion Module
  • Software
  • Engineering Service
  • Material
  • Training
Additive Fusion Solution
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our End-to-end Approach

You are not alone: We help you ramp up your production by offering software, hardware, materials and our engineering expertise.

From idea to
production together

We do not just sell you our printers, but we are by your side from the start till the end. It is important to us that the part you need works 100% with our technology.

WHAT OUR partners
have to SAY

We work with various partners to develop the next generation of composite applications:



Lightweight and sustainability are becoming more and more important. As an innovative company, we need to explore new technologies for the future of digital series production. With 9T Labs cost-competitive approach, we can reduce part weight and production costs.

Damien Felix
Head of Epither Program


The demand for thermoplastic composites has seen a steady increase due to their favourable processability and mechanical performance. In addition to capturing these benefits, 9T Labs technology shows that radically new, lightweight designs are made possible.

Philippe Bussi
General Manager Advanced Materials


Just like in other industries, creating a digital workflow in composite manufacturing is needed to reduce design cycles and increase flexibility. Ansys works closely together with 9T Labs to establish this seamless link between design, simulation and production of end-use parts.

Richard Mitchell
Principal Product Manager
9T Labs

9T Labs

Knowing from experience what limits the widespread adoption of advanced fiber composite solutions, I found 9T Labs integral technology approach to overcome such limitations, fostering the adoption in mass manufacturing, very convincing.

Andreas Wüllner
Board Member
9T Labs

9T Labs

In contrast to plastic and metal 3D printing companies, which compete with existing and established automated CNC manufacturing solutions, 9T Labs enters a market that has not yet seen standardized automation and software solutions for mass manufacturing, providing a huge market potential.

Bertrand Humel van der Lee
Board Member
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Wether you are looking to further understand what our solutions are enabling, what is behind our technology, or simply if you want to reach out to us, then let us start!


Case Studies

Learn how our 3d printing carbon composities are already used world wide and how they can be used in your industry as well.



Read more about the technology driving our solutions and how we combine software, hardware and material into a new state-of-the-art process.



You already know what you want? Great! Get in touch with us, and together we will find out how to make best use of our technology for you.