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The new industry standard to manufacture your products faster, stronger, lighter, and for less cost.

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Our Solution

Strong as metal but at least 50% lighter

Replace heavy metal parts with the most lightweight fiber composites while not giving up on strength


for high-performance applications

AFT is the new design and manufacturing standard for parts that achieve the best ratio of stiffness and strength to weight satisfying challenging customer requirements in truly demanding environments


Parts became at least 50% lighter vs. metal for our clients when they started to use our AFT solution


Save CO2 emissions by replacing heavy metal parts with lightweight fiber composites at low entry costs


Up to 50% cost reduction vs. metal benchmark without compromises through digital thread and efficient processes

Zero waste and cost efficient

Reduce your carbon footprint with environmentally friendly materials & processes that eliminate waste and minimize use of resources.

From idea to production in no time

Get the needed tools to start your production in small batches and scale it up in no time. With our end-to-end process, you will be able to massively reduce your time-to-market, while limiting the financial risk you take.


A fully digital thread solution that quickly converts concepts to functional designs for digital verification and production, enabling customers to bring parts to market in weeks not months or years.


Plug-and-play & full flexibility

Use an all-in-one solution to build your production capacity tailored to your needs

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What Our Partners Say

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As a leading supplier of thermoplastic composites technologies, we are excited to contribute our materials expertise to help accelerate 9T Labs’ developments in the 3D printing space to produce structural composite parts.

Fabrizio Ponte

Head of Thermoplastic Composites Platform

9T Labs’ Additive Fusion Technology leverages the benefits of printing, automated tape laying, and compression molding to deliver fully dense parts with multidirectional reinforcement. Moreover, this technology scales to the volumes of production parts needed by serial manufacturers. The end result is a solution with the potential to dramatically shift the industry away from metal and towards composite parts.

Adam Pawloski

VP Manufacturing Solutions

The additively manufactured carbon composite watch case made with 9T Labs’ technology is strong, ultra-light and rigid for top performance in the field. This unique watch symbolizes the shared values of Oris and Coulson, including continuous innovation and early adoption of leading-edge technology.

Ulrich W. Herzog


Purdue has “chosen to collaborate with 9T Labs because we believe that their development of AFT and their novel hybrid approach is the future of the composites manufacturing industry.”

Dr. R. Byron Pipes

John L. Bray Distinguished Professor of Engineering

We forge and machine mechanical components for critical applications in any kind of materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and we cover all different business fields automotive, off-highway, aerospace, energy and so on. Innovation is key on all our developments.

Didier Henry

Director Setforge Engineering

The demand for thermoplastic composites has seen a steady increase due to their favourable processability and mechanical performance. In addition to capturing these benefits, 9T Labs technology shows that radically new, lightweight designs are made possible.

Philippe Bussi

General Manager Advanced Materials

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Our Solution

9T Labs’ technology will manufacture the structures that make society’s most audacious goals possible.



Fibrify® Design Suite enables the user to quickly define the fibre designs and fully optimise them by directly exporting the composite parts to commercially available FEA simulation packages for verification of their structural ability. Fibrify® Production lets you control, monitor and manage your equipment in real-time.

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Build Module

The Build module is an open material platform allowing material deposition through two filament guides to place thermoplastic filaments (e.g. PA11, PA12, PPS, PEKK and PEEK) alongside continuous fiber-reinforced filaments (e.g. carbon, glass, basalt).

Black build module machine

Fusion Module

The Fusion Module uses a metal mold to consolidate the printed preforms results in a reproducible, low-porosity, dense and strong final composite piece. The process also allows multiple sub-parts to be assembled and fused into one part with a complex deposition of thermoplastic filament as well as reshaping the printed preforms.

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