Automotive brackets

Revolutionizing Motorsports with Additive Fusion Technology™

Relevant Industry Trends

The automotive industry is amidst a transformative phase, driven by the urgent need for sustainable mobility solutions. Weight reduction in automobiles stands as a pivotal strategy to curtail energy consumption, with carbon composites emerging as a relevant option in enhancing performance and sustainability. This trend is particularly pronounced in motorsports, where lightweight, durable materials like carbon composites have proven to offer unparalleled advantages.

Industry Challenges and Needs

In the realm of motorsports, just like in broader automotive design, the need for lightweight, high-performance components reigns supreme. Although traditional carbon composites are favored in top-tier performance vehicles, their widespread adoption at larger scales faces hurdles. To enable automotive manufacturers to maximize the benefits of these materials in balancing performance, cost, and weight, innovative and sustainable solutions are imperative.

How We Solve It:

Our goal was to achieve and demonstrate significant weight reduction by substituting the material in a high-performance automotive bracket for performance vehicles.

3d printen automotive bracket made of carbon composites

Starting Position:

The project began with an existing series production automotive bracket. Our goal was to enhance its performance by substituting the metal with a more advanced material.

Solution Developed:

We engineered a high-performance alternative using an industry-grade composite material, which incorporates continuous carbon fiber and PA12. This additive manufactured solution was designed to replace traditional metal, optimizing for both weight reduction and durability.

Performance and Collaboration:

The newly developed engine torque bracket is designed to sustain high repeated mechanical loads throughout its lifetime. This lightweight yet extremely durable part was successfully manufactured in collaboration with Setforge and the Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology. We utilized 9T Labs’ Additive Fusion Technology along with the EPITHER process to achieve these results.

The Outcomes Achieved thanks to Additive Fusion Technology™:

Our AFT made carbon parts have ideal material properties. Not only were we able to cut down on the entire production costs, but we also succeeded in lowering the part weight by astonishing 67%.

Carbon fiber composites for automotive brackets

Our Red Series Additive Fusion Technology leverages the latest developments in automation technology, software and materials to make performance parts easily accessible at affordable cost.

- 860 parts per annum with our Red Series Additive Fusion Technology

- 47% reduced CO2 emissions over lifetime through very high material efficiency

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