Luxury Watchcase

Revolutionizing Luxury Watch Components Manufacturing

Relevant Industry Trends:

Luxury watch manufacturers are increasingly prioritizing sustainability and innovation. There's a growing demand for lightweight, durable, and aesthetically unique products that also align with environmental initiatives.

Industry Challenge and Needs:

Watchmakers face challenges in achieving the desired combination of maximum strength, zero waste, and unique aesthetics when producing horology habillage parts using composites. Traditional manufacturing methods have proven insufficient to meet these requirements, necessitating a solution capable of providing exceptional durability, environmental friendliness, and consistent high quality.

How We Solve It:

Several companies turned to 9T Labs and its Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) for the solution. AFT integrates software, additive manufacturing, and compression molding in matched metal dies. This innovative approach allows for rapid scale-up from prototype to serial production while ensuring high repeatability for part quality and performance. By leveraging AFT, watchmakers could achieve the lightweight, strong, and aesthetically unique watch cases they desired, without compromising on quality or environmental impact.

Outcomes Achieved with Additive Fusion Technology™:

9T Labs is proud to have achieved in collaboration with Oris the following results:

  • The AFT process has proven its capability to achieve remarkable lightness while maintaining strength, guaranteeing the durability and longevity of the watch cases. This even enables the assembly of watches without containers.
  • Unlike traditional manufacturing methods that often result in significant waste, AFT minimizes waste through precise material usage, contributing to both sustainability and cost targets.
  • AFT guarantees that all components uphold consistent tolerances and maintain a high-quality aesthetic, ensuring the fundamental attributes associated with luxury timepieces.

Want to Know More?

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