A system to manufacture strong and light parts at scale

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Leverage Additive Fusion Technology™ for scalable design and manufacture of carbon fiber small structural components. Achieve unmatched strength-to-weight ratios with 9T Labs' reliable, user-friendly, industrial-grade solution.


Creating lightweight, small composite parts
is challenging

Composite Design Skill Gap

Engineers struggle selecting and applying composite materials to meet design specifications.

Additive Process Limitations

No single industrial-grade additive manufacturing solution spans the entire production process.

High scrap, high costs.

High amount of waste in producing composite parts increases costs and has a negative environmental impact.

HOW 9T Labs Helps You

Manufacture Advanced Structures at Scale

Work with proven composite METHODS

Leverage proven high-performance composite materials and a unique manufacturing approach that allows you easily to take full advantage of composites at scale.

One solution for all manufacturing steps

Our integrated solution supports you from design to series production, drastically cutting your time-to-market to weeks instead of months or years.

Reduce manufacturing costs, increase profit

Leverage Additive Fusion Technology™ to accelerate idea-to-launch speed, enhance automation, reduce scrap, cut production costs, and enhance profitability.

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Discover Key Applications Across Various Industries

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Ultra-Light Automotive Bracket

The automotive bracket for high-performance cars not only slashes overall production costs but also achieves an incredible 67% reduction in part weight.

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High-Performance Footwear

By optimizing fiber layup and consolidation, you can create very comfortable recyclable soles that withstand tough run tests and also make the footwear even lighter.

High-Efficiency, Durable Robot

Enhance your robots' operating time and efficiency by reducing structural weight by up to 60% and enhancing corrosion and UV resistance.

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