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Exceptional quality tailored for serial production

Our Build and Fusion modules simplify high-volume part production, minimize scrap rates, ensure superior surface finishing, and optimize carbon fiber-reinforced polymer properties.


Combine the power of additive manufacturing
with compression molding


Using the Build Module, we transform your designs into reality by precisely depositing continuous fibers and polymer materials in an automated process that is both accurate and repeatable, all while minimizing waste. Stay connected remotely to track progress and gain a comprehensive understanding of key production parameters.


The Fusion Module employs precise temperature and pressure control to greatly elevate part performance while ensuring consistency and superior surface finish. This method empowers you to tackle even the most demanding load scenarios, reshaping parts and achieving optimal 3D fiber orientation. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to co-consolidate continuous fiber preforms with recycled short fiber waste material.

How it works

Combine the Power of Additive Manufacturing
with Compression Molding

Exact Digital-to-Physical Part Reproduction

Create parts as per the digital design specifications with high precision and accuracy.

Advanced Additive Manufacturing for Top Performance

Layup automatically and precisely your continuous carbon fibers within the polymer matrix to reach along the desired trajectories the strength, stiffness, and hardness desired.

Precision Molding for Superior Layer Bonding & Finish

Utilize molding after printing to create unique shapes, enhance layer bonding, reduce voids, minimize internal stresses, and achieve a premium surface finish.


The best of two worlds in one:
Additive Fusion Technology™

Leverage the advantages of additive manufacturing in combination with compression molding to enhance the capabilities, precision, strength, and finishing of manufactured parts at scale.

Enhanced Design Flexibility

Craft intricate patterns and complex geometries that traditional methods struggle to achieve. Additive Fusion Technology™ offers freedom in creating highly customized, optimized parts.

Improved Material Properties

Maximize thermoplastic composite properties - strength, durability, and surface finish - with 9T Labs manufacturing methods. You can now create carbon fiber parts suited for the harshest environments.

Efficiency in Production

Streamline and increase automation throughout the production process. Reduce waste and enable the creation of intricate parts in a more cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

The Build Module

Precisely lay continuous carbon fibers within a thermoplastic polymer matrix, creating parts with desired strength, stiffness, and hardness along predefined trajectories.

Carbon fiber layup technology

The Build Module accurately and automatically lays fiber (composite) tapes in multiple directions along the desired trajectories. Areas of a part that do not require continous fiber reinforcement are automatically filled with short fiber reinforced polymer.

Process control and sensor feedback

Feedback-controlled motors ensure highest positioning accuracy and continuous process control.

Temperature management system

Benefit from high z-direction bonding strength between the layers and ensure low moisture uptake

The Fusion Module

Maximise part quality and performance, by molding the printed parts, while at the same time reaching new geometries which otherwise would be impossible to create.

Fiber design latitude

Craft complex 3D fiber structures by fusing individual sub-components and reshaping of parts.

Controlled temperature and pressure

Dramatically increase part performance at highest levels of repeatability and surface finish.

Integrated utility board

Convenient interface, facilitating connections to heating and cooling devices, along with sensors.

Frequently asked questions

FAQs about our hardware

Why does 9T Labs use the consolidation and molding of the parts?

The combination of additive manufacturing (AM) of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) with metal molding is the only way to reach high reproducibility, high part quality (excellent consolidation, meaning state-of-the-art industrial interlaminar shear strength and low void content) and a competitive production cost structure required for high-volume series production (from 1'000 to 100'000 parts per annum). In addition the consolididation phase allows you to use recycled materials while preserving highest mechanical characteristics.

Who has 9T Labs machines where I can go see them?

You're welcome to visit our facilities in Switzerland or Massachusetts (U.S.) to see our build and fusion module machines. With many machines worldwide, we can also connect you to a nearby partner or university for a firsthand look at 9T Labs machines. Just email us at info@9tlabs.com.

Can I send you a file and you print it for me?

9T Labs is a technology provider, not a manufacturing company. That's why we print parts only within series production projects. Within these projects, it's our way of helping clients transition faster and launch their parts to the market quickly.

What's the size of the parts I can make?

9T Labs machines typically manufacture parts up to 450x300 mm (17.7x11.8 inches) in size. In aerospace applications, we have successfully used a multiple print approach to produce larger parts. For more details on available sizes, please contact us at info@9tlabs.com.

If I order a Build and Fusion module now, when will I get the machines?

If you place your order now, we'll deliver the equipment three months after the signature. Please be aware that we're experiencing a significant surge in demand for 9T Labs equipment. For an exact delivery date, please reach out to us at info@9tlabs.com.

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