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Leisure & Luxury

Be it lightweight and strong shoe soles to increase speed, bike components to decrease weight, or shock-absorbent watches manufactured out of aerospace-grade carbon composites: AFT-made composite parts make sense for a variety of applications.

High-performance carbon composites for leisure and luxury applications

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Bring products to market faster

Everyone strives for peak performance. Advanced materials such as carbon fiber composites can turn effort into excellence more efficiently — but in the past, manufacturing limitations made such products expensive, and design constraints helt manufacturers back from unlocking the full potential.

Now with 9T Labs, it is simple and cost-effective to create lighter, stronger consumer and sporting goods using high-performance materials in new, stylish form-factors. With our continuous fiber thermoplastics, we can support you at all levels to achieve the full potential — in a sustainable way.

Streamline from innovation to production

With our technology, you can produce high-performance composites in high volumes by taking advantage of fast production cycles and the favourable processability of thermoplastic composites. Our cloud infrastructure acts as your manufacturing execution system and runs on a highly secure platform.

Feel free to create unique designs with sustainable high-performance materials used in Space. The advantages: when you replace metal parts with high-performance composites, you immediately save weight and reduce production cost.

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