We propel the climate neutral mobility of the future by introducing the new design and manufacturing standard for stronger, lighter parts at lower cost and zero waste

Founded in 2018 by a team of pioneers looking at defining the new design and manufacturing standard. We help mobility OEMs reach climate neutral products by introducing the new design & manufacturing standard for strong parts at lowest weight, lower cost and zero waste.

We understand the complexities of composite materials and the limitations of manual processes in manufacturing of continuous fibre composites. To simplify this, we set out to provide an all-in-one solution to support our customers radically ramp up their composites series production by turning their ideas into series production cases within months - not years.

Voices of 9T Labs

Our team at 9T Labs shares the greatest standards in terms of their technical knowledge, as well as their team spirit and dedication. Discover what excites them the most about working at 9T Labs by reading a few of our 9T Labs voices below.

Adeline C.

Adeline C.

"The people, being surrounded by highly driven and dedicated engineers pushes you to always try to make a difference."
Giovanni C.

Giovanni C.

"It is extremely fulfilling to work alongside highly talented and motivated people that want to shape the future of manufacturing."
Lucien S.

Lucien S.

"I am thrilled to collaborate with such a motivated and talented team to bring new ideas to life from the ground up. The prospect of being able to develop something truly unique and innovative is incredibly exciting to me."
Mark L.

Mark L.

"What excites me about working at 9T Labs is that I form part of a company, a team of people, that is pushing to change an entire industry with a new manufacturing solution. A few years from today, it will be a fantastic experience to see the components that 9T Labs manufactures being used in airplanes, cars, motorcycles, and other industries."
Ueli G.

Ueli G.

"What excites me most about working at 9T Labs is that I get to work with an ambitious team on the aspiring goal of developing the sustainable manufacturing processes of the future."

Our Core Values

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Plan & Commit

We bring revolutionary ideas to life through genuine planning & relentless execution.

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Always Care

We always care for each other and for the company’s success.

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Onwards & Upwards

We lead with optimism and action, even in tough times.

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Stay Sharp

We challenge comfort to continuously learn, grow and develop.

Facts & Numbers

Year of foundation

Our Partners

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The 9T Labs Story


First Office in the US

9T Labs has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2022 for Product Design for its Red Series solution.

We have opened our first office in the United States, Boston.

By the end of 2022, we are a team of over 60 people with the mission to propel climate neutral mobility by introducing the Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) the new design and manufacturing standard enabling to make strong, lightweight, sustainable products like never before.


The first delivery

Lots of exciting things happened to 9T Labs in 2021, but one of the most memorable will remain the first Red Series product deliveries to customers.

In 2021, we were voted one of the top 3 Swiss startups.


The move to Altstetten

The team was expanded to ca. 20 people to kick-off development and early commercialization of the Red Series. By the end of the year, the team moved into a new location at Badenerstrasse 790, where it remains until now.


The CarbonKit was launched

The CarbonKit was launched in March 2019 and sold to a select group of companies, universities and research institutes across a broad range of industries. The collected feedback was fundamental to develop the Red Series solution meant to become the new design and manufacturing standard.


From ETH to startup-up

From a passion for high-performance carbon composite material, our founders Martin, Giovanni and Chester were driven by defining a new design and manufacturing standard to make this material accessible across industries around the world.

The combination of additive manufacturing and smart software made this possible. Soon, the development of a first product that could probe the market was started: the CarbonKit. The team started to grow. 9T Labs opened its first offices at Technopark Zurich.

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Our Solution

9T Labs’ technology will manufacture the structures that make society’s most audacious goals possible.



fibrify® Design Suite enables the user to quickly define the fibre designs and fully optimise them by directly exporting the composite parts to commercially available FEA simulation packages for verification of their structural ability. fibrify® Production lets you control, monitor and manage your equipment in real-time.


Build Module

The Build module is an open material platform allowing material deposition through two filament guides to place thermoplastic filaments (e.g. PA11, PA12, PPS, PEKK and PEEK) alongside continuous fiber-reinforced filaments (e.g. carbon, glass, basalt).

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Fusion Module

The Fusion Module uses a metal mold to consolidate the printed preforms, resulting in a reproducible, low-porosity, dense and strong final composite piece. The process also allows multiple sub-parts to be assembled and fused into one part with a complex deposition of thermoplastic filament as well as reshaping the printed preforms.

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