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We make metal a thing of the past in the medical device industry. Want to know how? We use high-performance composites for x-ray translucency and produce medical devices which are reusable, since many times sterilizable. This is the future of medical devices.

X-ray translucent carbon composite medical tools survive many sterilisation cycles

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X-ray translucent tools which survive many sterilisation cycles

Medical devices receive relatively low mechanical loads during their service life, but they undergo many sterilisation cycles. At the same time, they must demonstrate excellent dimensional accuracy and stability overtime against wear, moisture intake, hydrolysis and thermal cycling. Additionally, x-ray translucency is critical, as it enables the in-situ verification of the correct position of the whole fixation system.

Truly innovative materials for medical tools

We offer a faster way to better medical devices. Carbon composites for medical applications are an innovation that improves patient care. Thus, we enable medical part providers to serve their clients and patients better. Advanced materials science helps to drive technological innovation and optimize the cost and efficiency of existing products, hence a production with less waste. And 9T Labs' AFT solution can produce composite implants with adaptable fiber and stiffness distribution to match patient-specific bone structure.

AFT-made carbon fibers lowers the cost

Carbon composites offer all those material requirements but were very expensive to manufacture. Often, the medical device is milled out of a carbon block, which is extremly expensive. By 3D placing fibers only where needed, 9T Labs' AFT helps you to reduce waste and produce parts that are longlasting -  at lower cost. Our cloud infrastructure acts as your manufacturing execution system, on a highly secure platform.

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