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General Industries

Nearly every manufacturer can directly benefit from implementing 9T Labs’ technology using 3D printed composites. Bring the modern convenience of strong, damage-tolerant parts to your factory today!

3D printed carbon composites for general industries such as automotive make parts stronger, stiffer, lighter and more damage resistant

Drastically reduce weight and maximize your production throughput

A wide range of sectors can profit from 3D printed carbon parts, be it energy (wind, solar, oil and gas), industrial applications, infrastructure, the architectural or construction industry. All these sectors require improvements in strength, stiffness, weight and damage tolerance. Also environmental resistance, reliability, connectivity, and of course, sustainability play a growing role. Rotary machines benefit from less vibrations. And in some cases, flame retardant and heat resistant materials need to be produced.

Quickly turn ideas into end-use parts

Conventional processes have delivered today’s state-of-the-art parts, however: The next-generation is right around the corner. The capabilities of 9T Labs enable new highly engineered solutions to meet the most demanding needs in the most challenging environments and applications in the world. We quickly turn ideas into end-use parts.

Why should you invest in the 9T Labs Red Series?

Our Red Series build module as well as the fusion module both run on a highly secure platform. The Cloud infrastructure acts as your manufacturing execution system. You receive the entire package, including hardware, software and engineering advice from our composite experts. We have different financing options and solutions for you, just get in contact!

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