Red Series®
additive fusion

Combine integrated software, additive manufacturing and molding to unleash the potential of cost-competitive manufacturing of continuous fiber composites in high volumes.

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High-performance composites are ideal for serial production of end-use parts. You can profit from an optimised design as well as substantial cost savings.

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Up to 80% weight and 50% cost savings in series production

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Design and manufacture complex parts in no time

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High reproducibility - Series production quality

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Print end-use parts overnight, at a fraction of the costs

Quickly come up with highly optimised designs

Fibrify® enables the user to quickly define the fibre designs and fully optimise them by directly exporting the composite parts to commercially available FEA simulation packages for verification of their structural ability.

Print Strong and Lightweight Parts

Additive Fusion Technology does not compromise part quality by combining state of the art additive manufacturing equipment (Build Module) with advanced post processing (Fusion Module) and results in parts that can be used in the most extreme conditions.

Collaborate closely

Besides advanced software and hardware, 9T Labs supports you with our application engineering team to jointly transform your series production ideas into production cases.

Build module

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Print Volume - 350mm x 270mm x 250mm

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Print at 400°C

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Heated material storage 100°C to avoid moisture intake

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Print high-performance composites
• up to 60% fiber volume content
• Matrix: PEEK, PEKK, PPS, PA12, bio-based PA
• Continuous fibers: carbon, glass, basalt

More about our additive manufacturing Build Module
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9T Labs build module for 3d printing of carbon composites

Fusion module

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Fusion Volume - 350mm x 270mm x 250mm

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Molding temperature up to 400°C

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Active pressure regulation > 20 bar

More about our advanced post processing Fusion Module
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9T labs fusion module for additive fusion technology


Two things are important to produce a lightweight structural part: Optimal fiber layup and excellent consolidation. The Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) allows the automated manufacturing of optimized part designs coming from the Fibrify® software by first using the Build Module to produce a fiber layup.

At this stage, the resulting preform part does not yet fulfill the consolidation quality required of a structural composite part, which is achieved by the Fusion Module, applying heat and pressure to fuse the preform part together. This proprietary two-stage process ensures part quality, reproducibility and cost competitiveness for your series production applications.

Material Structure Before Fusion
Material Structure After Fusion

Void content representing the imperfections inside a part and the short beam strength representing the bonding between adjacent layers are two evaluation criteria used to measure the consolidation quality.

FIBRIFY® platform

Fibrify® Design Suite enables you to quickly define the fiber designs. You can fully optimise them by directly exporting the composite parts to commercially available FEA simulation packages for verification of their structural ability. Fibrify® Production lets you control, monitor and manage your equipment in real-time.

More about our software platform
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Part displayed on a PC screen

Engineering Service

Profit from 9T Labs’ composite expertise and get supported from your very first idea to your final produced part in high volumes. 9T Labs helps you identify the right applications, perform technical and economical feasibility studies, design and simulate parts and actually produce them for your perfect production ramp-up.



The proprietary 9T Labs’ technology allows the use of industry-standard materials. The current portfolio includes high-performance polymer options reinforced with the strongest fibers.

Material Details

  • — Continuous fibers: carbon, glass, basalt
  • — Matrix: PEEK, PEKK, PPS, PA12, bio-based PA
  • — 60% fiber volume content
  • — Void content < 1%
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For us, being technology leaders means accompanying you on your path to success by offering know-how at every level. Our training targets a wide range of users, from machine operators and application specialists to product managers, providing content that is always relevant to you.

Our Alternative solution

We invented a new way to use carbon composites in industrial-grade 3D printing. It is ideal for prototypes, jig & fixtures and one-offs.

Red Series
Industrial 3D Printing Solution

With our patented 3D printing technology we can provide completely new ways to use carbon as a better alternative to conventional materials.

Build Module
  • Software
  • Material
  • Training
More about our industrial-grade 3D printing solution
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