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Nothing compares to the extreme environmental conditions in aerospace. Lightweight carbon parts are ideal for cabin components of aircrafts, but as well for structural components such as brackets, harnesses, and sensor mounts.

Design aircrafts for lower energy consumption, increased payload and a better buy-to-fly ratio

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With 9T Labs, you can design for lower fuel costs, increased payload and a better buy-to-fly ratio. Replacing metal parts with high-performance composites saves both weight and production cost. As we streamline the cost and complexities of production, we shorten the time to your first flying parts.

Our AFT solution allows you to produce high-performance composites in high volumes by taking advantage of fast production cycles and favourable processability of thermoplastic composites. By co-welding these thermoplastic composites, you even have the chance to remove metal riveting and bonding.

Aircrafts have very special requirements

9T Labs gives aerospace manufacturers a new standard to design and produce high performance composites. AFT-manufactured fiber-reinforced parts are much more accessible than using conventional methods. Aerospace industry leaders are already adopting 3D printing to fabricate tools, fixtures, and prototypes — and 9T Labs is driving the definition of new standards and certifications to increase industry adoption for end-use parts.

9T Labs' AFT workflow offers a simple and cost-effective way to design and manufacture functional composites, whatever your functional requirements are: flame resilience, chemical resistance, energy absorbance, or high stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio.

To drive profitability, increase operating range, and shrink its environmental footprint, the aerospace industry always strives to build lightweight vehicles. However, many components have remained metal so far because they could not be produced with existing composite manufacturing methods.

Here comes the solution: 9T Labs' fiber-optimized composite parts, such as brackets, can optimally replace existing metal and composite components. Demonstration parts have reduced the weight of equivalent metal components by over 75%.

9T Labs' AFT unique value

9T Labs' AFT solution has the unique ability to produce the most advanced structures, with off the shelf aerospace-grade materials at scale. We can do this within a single structure that has undergone increased part functionality, meaning:

- Higher performance
- Less assembly steps and points of failure
- Faster time to market
- Improved supply chain
- More efficient manufacturing

Invest in 9T Labs Red Series today, a highly secure platform with a cloud infrastructure which acts as your manufacturing execution system.

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