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Advanced manufacturing for universities & research centers

Expertise in material science and the fabrication systems driving innovation in the coming decades is one of the most marketable skills in modern manufacturing. 9T Labs offers the most expansive, capable, and education-ready platform for digital manufacturing of lightweight designs on the market today.

For research centers: Prepare the next generation for additive manufacturing with a safe and accessible platform

Prepare your talent for the next generation 3D print manufacturing

Empower your students to enter the workforce with an additive-ready mindset. They can learn how to work with high-performance materials on a safe platform. Through printing with engineering-grade composite continuous fibers, you have the chance to expand into totally new design and fabrication spaces. You can develop and test your own fiber-reinforced filaments. Easily export your fiber design to your commercial FEA software and predict your structural performance. You can also tweak process parameters to find optimal manufacturing conditions, and place continuous fibers wherever needed, in no time.

Lightweight design and functional integration

Material science has discovered new ways of digital manufacturing. The advantages of reinforced fibers are multiple: they offer absolute design freedom, the lightweight parts score with reduced weight compared to e.g. metal, and they can be fast and easily produced - according to high quality standards. Be it injection molding or compression molding techniques, the possibilities are almost endless.

A safe and accessible platform

Are you asking yourself why you should invest in the 9T Labs Red Series? One part of the answer is our highly secure platform. And our cloud infrastructure acts as your reliable manufacturing execution system, 24/7. If you really want to prepare the next generation for the future of manufacturing, this is the way to go.

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