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Luxury Watchcases

Watches own a unique design. They are created to be robust and easy to use, but still have a strong artistic and architectural dimension. With our continuous fibers and advanced polymer materials, we can combine a technical proposition with superlative design.

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Signature design and functional integration

In luxury and sports, it is all about merging performance with aesthetics. The unseen design freedom of 9T Lab’s AFT solution combined with the strength of industrial-grade materials provide an array of opportunities. We merge high performance in the core with harmonic aesthetics on the surface.

Cutting-edge innovative technology

When designing a luxury watch case, sustainable technology and simple, yet highly sophisticated materials are needed. We apply to watchmaking hightech materials and techniques found in the most innovative sectors, such as aerospace or the medical industry.

3d printed luxury watchase made with carbon composites

A unique case

We manufactured this part of a luxury watch for Oris SA in collaboration with our partner CarboMill in order to optimize the entire value chain from design to surface finish. This allowed us to create the first carbon composite watchcase combining a functional core and a unique signature surface made with our AFT solution.

Designer watches made of carbon composites

Our Red Series Additive Fusion Solution leverages the latest developments in automation technology, software and materials to make performance parts easily accessible at cost.

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1.200 parts per annum with our Red Series Additivte Fusion Solution

Three water bubbles and two sparks are rising into the air, symbolizing a clearness.

Signature surface through fiber placement versatility

A light and a dark cloud float above a red shield that has CO2 written on it.