Our patented Fibrify® software allows you to directly import CAD files. The software also easily integrates with FEA simulation. With our unique manufacturing execution system (MES) you can start your production of high-performance carbon composite parts with a simple click.

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Fibrify® Design Suite

Design even your most advanced part with 9T Labs Fibrify® software.
For the first time True 3d fiber orientation allows you to design applications which haven't been possible to manufacture in composites before.

You can directly import a CAD file as a template for fiber integration
Use a CAD as a reference to create fibers in any way you you can imagine

— Fill up your solid with straight fibers and handles holes
— Reinforce your part with the "Line Follower" feature
— Design a Surrounding Band to reinforce holes

You can combine 2D Fiber patterns to a 3D Solid Creating a composite part

— Distribute your fibers vertically to speed up your design porcess
— Apply rules for parametrized vertical distribution
— Alternate your layer design

You can integrate with FEA/FEM simulations

Our unique software platform links with your commercial simulation tool of choice.

Automated part design Optimization through FEM simulations

This simulation allows you to validate the optimal part design and greatly speeds up your product development time.

Fibrify® Production

On the shop floor our integrated cloud software acts as your manufacturing execution system.

Integrated cloud software that acts as your ERP for managing part building and molding.
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