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9T  Labs offers the most open, capable and education-ready digital manufacturing platform on the market today. Prepare your talent for the next generation of additive manufacturing solutions.

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Image of Fibrify Design Suite

fibrify Design Suite - 9T Labs' design software for continuous fiber composite parts

When: Tuesday, August 9 2022 - 3:00 PM (CEST)
Where: Online
Duration: 1h

Topics we will cover:

- Design - from CAD to out of plane continuous fiber placement
- Validation - seamless integration between design and commercial simulation
- Production - merging design for manufacturing and design for end application for optimum serial part production

The aim of this presentation is to show how to model and simulate in- and out-of-plane fiber paths in a solid body designed to be manufactured with 9T Lab’s Additive Fusion Technology (AFT). Fiber paths are modeled efficiently with the help of fibrify Design Suite by following the solid body. After modeling and defining a stack up strategy, it is explained how easily a Workbench setup can be generated with the help of an ACT (9T Composite Simulation).

  • Yannick Willemin, Head of Marketing and Business Development
  • Michael Ackermann, Simulation and Composite Expert
  • Benjamin Grauer, Head of Software
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Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) - An open system allowing innovative organizations to go beyond state-of-the-art additive manufacturing

When: Thursday, August 11 2022 - 3:00 PM (CEST)
Where: Online
Duration: 1h

Topics we will cover:

- Build module - an open material 3d printer allowing to produce continuous fiber preforms including up to 60% FVC and highest performing thermoplastics (PEEK, PEKK, PPS, PAs)
- Fusion module - a post process enabling highest part quality and out-of-plane fiber orientation through welding and reshaping
- AFT - a solution for highest performances in serial applications (high R&R, low void content, excellent tolerances)

9T Labs, an innovative Swiss organization, has developed the Additive Fusion Technology. This integrated solution for serial part production includes digital prototyping, continuous fiber additive manufacturing, and a fusion process. The openness of the system allows the freedom to remain innovative on a platform made for serial parts manufacturing. In this webinar, the features of 9T Labs' Build Module will be explained with an emphasis on the possibility to use your own thermoplastic feedstock materials.

  • Yannick Willemin, Head of Marketing and Business Development
  • Jonas Bosshard, Head of Materials and Process Engineering
  • Lucien Segessemann, Head of Hardware Development at 9T Labs

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