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Come to learn about our unique Additive Fusion Technology ™.
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We propel the climate neutral mobility of the future by introducing the new design and manufacturing standard for stronger, lighter parts at lower cost and zero waste.

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Meet us at CAMX 2023 in Atlanta

Come see and experience the complete solutions provided by 9T Labs live at CAMX. Learn about our Additive Fusion Technology ™ and discover how it can revolutionize your production line.

3 selected demonstrators will be featured at our booth to underline our capabilities:

  • Aerospace interiors - circularity for overhead bin pin brackets
  • Ground mobility brackets - motorbike rear suspension rocker link
  • Ground mobility saddles - monopiece road bike thermoplastic reinforced saddle

Come to learn about our unique Additive Fusion Technology ™.

Let's explore potential applications with you while enjoying a tour through our booth!


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Discover how Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) ™ enables you to produce parts stronger, lighter and more affordable than ever before.

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