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Automotive Bracket

The starting position was an existing series production automotive bracket. We developed a high-performance metal alloy substitution with additive manufactured industry-grade composite material using continuous carbon fiber and PA12.

Metal substitution for weight reduction

The automotive industry is going through an important development phase to address major issues concerning users as well as the environment. One of the biggest challenges is to reduce the weight of automobiles to reduce fuel consumption. Lightweighting vehicles also has another positive impact: it decreases the tyre degradation while increasing the vehicle dynamics.

Lightweight mobility

The engine torque bracket sustains high repeated mechanical loads over lifetime. This lightweight but extremely durable part was manufactured in collaboration with Setforge, Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, using the patented 9T Labs’ Additive Fusion Solution and the EPITHER process.

3d printen automotive bracket made of carbon composites

The perfect metal substitute

Our 3D printed carbon parts - with the additive fusion solution finishing - have ideal material properties. Not only were we able to cut down on the entire production costs, but we also succeeded in lowering the part weight by astonishing 67%.

Carbon fiber for automotive brackets

Our Red Series Additive Fusion Solution leverages the latest developments in automation technology, software and materials to make performance parts easily accessible at affordable cost.

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860 parts per annum with our Red Series Additivte Fusion Solution

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47% reduced CO2 emissions over liftetime through very high material efficiency