9T Labs’ Red Series awarded Red Dot Design Award 2022

9T Labs, the experts in digital, automated, cost-competitive series production of continuous fibre components, has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2022 for Product Design towards its Red Series Build and Fusion Modules. It marks the Red Series as a top performer in outstanding design and functionality in its category in 2022, achieving smart innovation along with appealing aesthetics.

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As one of the largest design competitions offering the most sought-after seals of quality for good design, the Red Dot Award has aimed to appraise diversity in the field of design for more than 60 years, towards the businesses that distinguish their activities through appealing and conceptual ideas.

9T Labs shares this award in large with its design partner in development of the Red Series, Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering AG, which, without its design team’s expertise, this award would not have been possible to achieve. Visit its website to discover how Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering supports enterprises worldwide: www.meyer-hayoz.com  

Its CEO, Wolfgang Meyer-Hayoz, an internationally renowned designer, said: “We are delighted the ideas that went into the design of the Red Series have been recognised for their significant impact in the global market space. We congratulate 9T Labs on this great accomplishment and look forward to its future projects.”

9T Labs Red Dot Award Winners 2022

The Red Series certifies itself as a standout in aesthetic design, while delivering prolific innovation for advanced composites in the field of additive manufacturing; creating continuous fibre reinforced polymer components that weigh up to 80% less than traditional metal parts while increasing product strength significantly.

Since coming third in the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award in 2021, the high reproducibility of manufacturing, as well as the quality of production, showcases 9T Labs as a company with strong aspirations for growth and product application. In the same year, the company was awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solution Label as a symbol of quality and for its economic commitment to product profitability. Now 9T Labs is recognised around the world with its latest acclamation from Red Dot Awards.

“This is an amazing achievement for the designers and technologists involved with the Red Series and acknowledges the hard work of everyone at 9T Labs,” says Yannick Willemin, Head of Marketing and Business Development. “We are thankful for the partnership with Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering and gratefully accept the Red Dot Design Award as a sign of our commitment for pioneering Innovation moving forward.”

As winners of the Red Dot Design Award 2022, 9T Labs has gained global recognition and will benefit from a variety of valuable industry contacts from international designers, manufacturers, and potential customers. With global visibility for its practices in additive fusion for advanced composites, Red Dot has positioned 9T Labs in the market with an enhanced image, one to celebrate with pride.

About 9T Labs AG

9T Labs is an ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland) spinoff that was founded in 2018 by Chester Houwink, Giovanni Cavolina, and Martin Eichenhofer to leverage automation technology, software, and materials to make high-performance structural composite parts more accessible. The company’s patented Red Series Additive Fusion Solution technology, a hybrid of 3D printing and compression molding that is used to produce high-performance structural thermoplastic composite parts, is targeted at industries such as aerospace/aviation, automotive/motorsports/ground transportation, medical device, industrial/robotics/machinery, consumer luxury goods, and sporting goods.

®Red Series and Fibrify are registered trademarks of 9TLabs AG.

™ Additive Fusion Solution is a trademark of 9T Labs AG.

About Red Dot

Since its international establishment as the ultimate evaluation for design by its CEO, Professor Dr. Peter Zec, in 1991,Red Dot is now the world’s largest and most renowned design competition. The Awards receives 18,000 entries a year from over 70 countries, each competing in three main categories: Product Design, Brands and Communication Design, and Design Concept. Based on the principle of selection and presentation, the awards look to distinguish businesses that stand out for innovative and inspiring design. As well as competitions, Red Dot publishes annual yearbooks and has established multiple museums as global exhibitions for the advancements in product design.